Working on a school version

ThorleifBlattElinFestoy_copy.jpegAlthough just finishing and launching the game is more than enough to focus on, we have actually also started planning a school version. The idea is for an app adapted for group play and classroom discussions - a complete teaching tool for schools and group discussions about Children Born of War.

We really feel that our game manages to combine historical facts and context with a gameplay where you learn the emotional side of being a Child Born of War. And our idea has always been to make a game that will be engaging for 13 year olds and older - a grown up game that can include younger teenagers. The reason - we think everybody who are starting their development into responsible adults should learn how hatred creates innocent victims so that this can help them see past prejudice and stereotypes that we'll all meet in our cultures. 

So, with this strategy, it has been on our wish list to be able to introduce the game into schools as well. But for this to happen, we need a distribution strategy that can fit in with the technical status in the classrooms. In Norway, most schools have laptops or tablets for the children and most teenagers have some form of smartphone. So - can need to create a solution where schools can easily get a licence for the content and where download won't be hard for the pupils or teachers.

We're working on this now, and have also applied for funding from a new fund offering support for innovative solutions for distribution and marketing of existing content. We hope that they'll find the idea of better distribution for games into classrooms interesting and provide funding for an app.

We'we also managed to find a great partner in the Norwegian Center for ICT in Education, which has already given us a workshop with teachers. We had a fantastic time, and are amazed at all the potential they saw for using the game in the classroom. It actually looks like we'll be able to get a pilot at a school in Oslo, where all the teaching for two whole days will be centered around the game. This is amazing, and will be a fantastic way to test and develop educational material linked to the game. Thorleif Blatt, the head of the Norwegian Lebensborn association, has also agreed to come with us to the school - giving the pupils the chance to ask him directly about his experiences as a Child Born of War.

Our dream scenario is to have this group version available in English and let it "travel the world" together with the main game, the documentary film and also the campaign that we hope to create with an international NGO partner. This can create visibility for the teaching tool and spread the word about Children Born of War even wider. 

So - please help crossing fingers for the funding!


Picture: Thorleif Blatt and I in June this year.