Need someone to talk to?

In "My Child Lebensborn", we challenge you as a player to care for a child, Karin or Klaus, and live through experiences that are based on the true stories reported by the Lebenborn children. These stories include severe bullying and abuse.

For Karin and Klaus, the reason for the abuse was the hatred towards the enemy. But tragically, children are being bullied and abused every day for quite other reasons. An no child should experience this. All children are innocent and should be protected.

If you have personal, traumatic experiences yourself, caring for Klaus or Karin might remind you of things that are painful and difficult to cope with.

In that case, we hope you have someone you can talk to, and that you get in touch with them. 

There are also helplines in many countries. Unfortunately, we don't have the opportunity to link to helplines in all countries, but encourage you to look for local initiatives on bullying and abuse, or contact organizations like Save the Children, Red Cross/Red Crescent, local health services, schools or police.

Here are also links to some organizations for English, German and Norwegian:



Stop bullying now!



National Bullying Helpline



Übersicht über kriesentelefone - überregional



Oversikt over gode hjelpetjenester for unge

Kirkens SOS - noen å prate med for alle


Note, we are not partners with any of these organizations, and cannot vouch for their services.