Great start for our Kickstarter

Wow - almost 70 % funded after only one week. It's an exiting and stressful time for our project.

Skjermbilde_2017-03-26_kl._20.37.16.pngRunning a Kickstarter is a lot of work - and stress. We're now 1,5 weeks into the campaign, and although we had a flying start with 40% of the funding in the first day and 70% in the first week, we're feeling the strain.

It's normal that the initial boost dies off after 48 hours, so we knew what to expect. But the contrast is still so large to the initial exitement in the beginning, and you always feel that you could have done more: posted more on social media or mailed more people asking for support. 

And even with such a strong start, there is still stuff to worry about. Right now, we're hoping that our supporters don't think that the strong initial start means that we're bound to be successful. We're still missing 30 percent on what is an all or nothing Kickstarter, so we can't lean back and think that it will happen on it's own.

But even if running a Kickstarter can best be described with one word - "frustration", it's also mixed in with exhiliration and joy. We are reaching so many people with news about our campaign and are getting some fantastic reactions - comments and discussions that are showing us that people are really "getting" what we wish to do with this project. The joint effort from both the GDC-booth and the campaign seem to really kick off our community building in a great way. 

To all of you who have supported us so far - thank you so much! And to the rest of you -check out our campaign!


All the best!